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Biomass One

Biomass One in White City, OR provides top-quality landscape supplies ranging from mulch and compost to topsoil and wood chips. We offer a variety of products designed to meet all your landscaping needs. With our experienced and courteous staff, we can assure your satisfaction.  

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Learn More About Biomass One:

  • Aged bark mulch
  • Compost
  • Crushed rock
  • Garden blend mix
  • Green waste
  • Medium bark nuggets
  • Moo-Doo compost
  • Pebble bark nuggets
  • Pole peelings  
  • Red bark fines
  • Red coarse bark  
  • Topsoil   
  • Wood chips 

Deliveries available. 

Call Biomass One today at 541-826-9422, or visit us at www.biomassone.com for our full line of products and services. 

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Biomass One - 2350 Av G, White City, OR 97503
Biomass One

2350 Av G, White City,
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